About the project

“We enjoy the process far more than the proceeds.” 
- Said one of the greatest investors of our time, Warren Buffett.

It is impossible not to agree with this statement, simply because the art of investment is in fact – one of the most exciting areas of the world’s business industry. InvestInfo team brings together people who have dedicated themselves to the world of trading and investment, and turned a favorite thing they so passionate about into their main source of income.

InvestInfo – is combined from a community of professionals with years of experience in domestic and foreign financial institutions. With over 10 years working inside of the financial management and the search for the most profitable and safe financial instruments within the industry.

  • We choose to work only with the most proven and regulated, licensed brokerage companies.
  • The total amount of funds currently managed by our traders is already beyond $20 million.
  • We guarantee zero conflicts between the companies, traders and our customers profitability, we only earn once our customers are in profit.
  • In each of the products offered to our investors we are also invested their our very own capital, which allows us to closely monitor and make the most precise choice of the traded instruments.
  • Our long term professional experience has enabled us to create a favorable environment for profitable and safe investment platform for our customers.